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My story

Thank you for taking time to check out my creations


My name is Melanie, owner and designer of Watermelan Designs. Watermelan Designs grew from my  desire to learn how to make jewelry for myself  and my girls.  I soon started making gifts for friends and family. After lots of encouragement I started an etsy shop in 2013, began hosting trunk shows and selling at local festivals. What started out as a fun hobby has turned into a passion of mine and a fun creative outlet.  I am often asked how one can buy my jewelry, so I decided to expand my online presence and create my own website.


I am a mom, a defense contractor by day, and I create fun and colorful jewelry in my free time.

Free time - what the heck is free time when you have a full time career, two growing girls, a marathon addiction and are trying to grow a jewelry business? 

I love color, especially, pink and orange and turquoise.  I am inspired by everything to do with the ocean.  If only we lived closer to the Caribbean (hopefully,  someday).  I use natural gemstones in my designs. I am currently obsessed with pearls, coral and shells and plaid during the holidays.  I think that jewelry should be fun and colorful and make you happy when you put it on.  I hope you enjoy my creations!  I also love making custom pieces, so if you have something specific in mind, I would be happy it to bring it to life for you.

Jewelry with a cause 

As a very small business, I have very small profit margins.  However, I want to find a way help make a difference.  I regularly donate 10% of my sales to different causes that I believe are important to help people in need, some local and some national and international.  I have donated to International Rescue Committee, Ukraine Red Cross, Feed the Fight, The Carpenters Shelter and Planned Parenthood.

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